• Zen Journey: A Visit with Susan Postal

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    Zen Journey: 
    A Visit with Susan Postal
    Susan Jion Postal, ordained Zen Priest and student of the late Maurine Stuart, Roshi of the Cambridge Buddhist Assoc., has been studying and practicing in the Buddhist tradition for more than 35 years. Beginning with Dzogchen practice in the Tibetan Vajrayana, there followed Soto Zen study at the Zen Community of New York and subsequent Rinzai based Zen practice in Cambridge.
    Susan is now a grandmother of five, retired from many years of work in geriatric facilities, and is now full time teacher-in-residence at the Empty Hand Zen Center in New Rochelle, New York. Her website is www.emptyhandzen.org
    Format: the video alternates between Susan's own inner Zen journey and scenes of Zen practice, including chanting, a tea ceremony, basic sitting instructions, and a formal Dharma talk.

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