Liberty Mountain

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    The Story of Zing Bars: It all started innocently enough.  As Nutrition Counselors, we simply wanted to find a good nutrition bar we could rec­ommend to our patients.  But despite our best efforts, there weren’t any on the market we really liked.  If a particular bar was nutritionally balanced, it left something to be desired in the taste department. If it tasted good, it was low in protein and fiber, or full of artificial ingredients, unhealthy fats and empty calories.  Then we came up with a deliciously different idea.  We could create our own all-natural nutrition bar. Our take on the perfect snack.  A bar with everything we wanted it to have, and nothing we didn’t.  A healthy balance of carbs, protein and beneficial fats, but no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.  No trans fats, synthetic vitamins, or allergy-aggravating gluten, wheat or soy protein.  In short, a nutrition bar that everyone-including nutritionists and other healthcare professionals-could love. Zing! Now we hope you love it too.

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