• Zion Health White Cloud Ancient Clay Organic Soap 6oz

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    Ancient Clay Soap - White Cloud
    Absorbs Pollutants Restoring Skin's Natural pH
    This is an incredible soap with a special blend of Montmorillonite Clay and essential oils. Ancient cultures have commonly used montmorillonite to heal wounds and skin ailments. Montmorillonite carries an electrical charge of negative ions. Toxins carry a positive charge.
    Ancient Desert Clay Soap naturally cleanses the skin by absorbing pollutants restoring the skin's natural pH. Made with 100% high quality desert clay and vegetable based food grade (edible) coconut & palm oil, no animal testing and the packaging is biodegradable & recyclable. Total package weight 6.6 oz or 168g.
    Incredients: Montmorillonite Clay, Essential Oils, Edible Coconut and Palm Oil

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