• Zojirushi 3 Liter Airpot

    Espresso Supply, Inc

  • $66.56

  • Description

    This quality thermal pot is one you'll reach for repeatedly during those cold winter nights or hot summer afternoons. For icy cold beverages, pre-rinse with cold water, fill with your favorite beverage, and then drop in a few ice cubes. (Don't do the ice first, as the liner can crack with sudden temperature changes.) For hot coffee or chocolate, just rinse with warm water and then fill up. This large-capacity pot does a terrific job of keeping that morning coffee hot and fresh until lunchtime, but it is fragile enough that kids may need a hands-off policy. The pump-top dispenser prevents you from having to lift a heavy pitcher--just press the lid until you cup is full. Great for small offices and convenient for social occasions--or anywhere you want to have piping hot or frosty cool drinks available with minimal fuss.  --Jill Lightner  
           Bloomfield Stainless shell, glass lined , brew-thru stem Commercial duty, large capacity

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