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    University Games proudly introduces the first preschool and young child learning system built around board games. The system follows the developmental steps of every child from the ages of 3-6 in the key areas of social skills, literacy, imagination, coordination and mathematics. Each game features a guide in the upper right hand corner which highlights to parents the key learning attributes of the game. On the back of every box is a grid guiding parents through the entire system of games. this creates a simple guide broken into three levels which highlights the five developmental areas. We constantly seek to keep our products contemporary through new product development and building on the licenses we carry to keep them new and exciting. University Games philosophy has always been to offer games that encourage social interaction and imagination through gameplay.
           Kids love uncovering animals and using markers to create horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines or blackout on their own Bingo Cards.  Parents enjoy Zoo Bingo because players are involved in every turn of the game, holding everyone's interest throughout.For 2 - 4 players, ages 3 and up.Contents Include:  4 Bingo Cards, 15 Animal Tiles, 40 Bingo Markers and Instructions.

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