• Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 12-Inch Honing Steel


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    This honing steel serves a vital role by realigning, or "resetting," kitchen knives' edges, which  bend this way and that when contacting a cutting surface. (Often called a sharpening steel, or "butcher"  steel, a steel doesn't actually sharpen a knife--unless it's a "diamond" steel.) Consisting of a rod of hard  steel-alloy with a tough synthetic handle and a steel finger guard, this steel works well and looks better than  most hanging close at hand, where you can employ it frequently—ideally each time you use a knife. That  prevents a blade from becoming dull and prolongs intervals between professional sharpenings. The rule is  that a steel should be at least as long as the knife blade being drawn across it, and this steel's 12-inch rod  hones all household knives. The steel carries a lifetime warranty against defects.  --Fred Brack 
           Henckels sharpening steels are the key to keeping your knives sharp. In order to sharpen a knife, the steel must have a hardness factor greater than the knife to be sharpened; with a Rockwell hardness factor of 66 degrees, Henckels sharpening steels are harder than even super hard Henckels FRIODUR, ice-hardened blades. To easily sharpen a knife, hold the steel point down on a table or cutting board, at an angle between knife and steel of 20 degrees, pull the knife down and across the sharpening steel in a slight arc. Alternate between right and left sides of the knife 3 to 4 times. All steels are magnetic to hold small particles removed from the knife blade and are made of chrome-plated carbon steel. A sharp knife will provide maximum safety. Use the sharpening steel regularly, preferably every other time the knife is used

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